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    My journey of being a child, adult and everything in between


    Mine is a journey of many phases, each leaving me richer in capabilities and experiences; making me who I am today.


    I grew up as an army kid, which also meant an interesting perquisite of calling a new place home every three years. Every time, dad’s transfer bell rung, my heart would start rumbling with mixed emotions. Uneasy to leave the comfort of where I was but, excited to explore a new school, a new city and a brand-new culture. Gradually, it became a ‘way of life’ and change came naturally to me.


    The other aspect that became central to my nomadic existence was an open mind to view, analyse and embrace multiple perspectives and diverse people. It became a strength that came useful in my fast paced career in Marketing Communications for 14 years. The experience of transforming a multitude of brands from media, healthcare, real estate, education and social sector enriched me with lateral thinking, cross collaborative and organisational skills. Opportunities to design communication for such diverse brands fuelled a passion to go beyond the obvious and, got me the prestigious ‘Asia Pacific PR Week Award’ for a social campaign for the first time in India.


    Today, I am a passionate educationist with a focus on creating an inspiring learning environment for my students.


    This invigorating journey began at IAAT ( I Am A Teacher) and the American School of Bombay. At ASB I have passed through an intensive training schedule in an authentic international environment and purposeful mentorship of experienced teacher educators. This has helped me hone my skills in both the subject of Science and sophisticated techniques to teach it in and outside of classrooms. As a part of my training, through opportunities to interact with students and teachers within and outside of ASB, I have built a good understanding of teaching amidst social diversity within classrooms.


    I have also studied a variety of philosophies in education, and found these to be helpful in discerning motivations within classrooms - what drives a child to learn and how these motivations differ from one child to another. As a result, I have personally evolved as a more mindful human being. Today, I am attuned to 'reflect ' and ' listen to to another perspective', perhaps more than I ever was..


    As a science educator, it is my endeavour to enable my students to discover science through their own experiences and the world around them. To draw connections with concepts or phenomenon that may otherwise seem abstract. To ultimately develop a scientific temperament.


    My guiding principle towards any learning experience is to ensure that students immerse themselves in investigation through observation, experimentation and evaluation and build on their critical thinking skills.

    From my mentor at American School of Bombay- Mr. Samuel Bourke


    I have worked with Leena Goswami over the past 6 months during her student-teacher placement, as her mentor teacher. Transitioning from a previous career far removed from education, Leena has shown tremendous growth in her new-found passion as a science educator. What has struck me the most is her willingness to “let-go” of her previous ideals of what education should be, and grapple with the challenging work of making learning relevant for a generation of students, who many believe we do not yet even have a name for.


    Leena has enthusiastically explored current educational pedagogies through the process designing engaging, rigorous learning experiences. Her approach to developing lesson sequences focuses on incorporating standards and benchmarks into exploratory, hands-on learning experiences. She provides students opportunities to build their own understanding of important concepts using carefully designed and curated teaching and learning resources. Leena also understands the importance of teaching and developing skills, in addition to the acquisition of knowledge and understanding. Her lessons focus on skill acquisition that ranges from scientific techniques right through to broader transdisciplinary skills such as collaboration, creativity and metacognition.


    Leena’s gentle approach to interacting with students allows her to garner students’ trust and mutual respect. She strives to make the learning environment a safe place where all students have a voice and opportunities to grow as students of science, and young adults. She has quickly become an important member of our learning community, where students feel comfortable approaching her for help and seeking her advice and feedback. Leena has quickly recognized how the youth of today operate, perhaps partly because she has a teenage daughter of her own, but also because she notices the little things. This type of clam sensitivity goes a long way in forming relationships with students, which Leena sees as integral to the learning process.


    Considering her relatively short time in the field of education, Leena has grown significantly. Not only in her practical skills as a teacher guiding students, but also in her outlook on what quality, relevant education should be for our next generation thinkers, dreamers, doers and custodians. Any educational institution would find themselves lucky to have a dedicated and reflective educator such as Leena in their employ.

  • American School of Bombay

    Training and teaching as a Resident Teacher at ASB enabled me to immerse into an advanced and authentic international school environment. This has equipped me with teaching methods, tools and practices that will help make the learning of science experiential, impactful and memorable for my students.

    Grade 8 Science

    Hands on Experiences at the heart of learning

    Community Service

    A day with little cancer patients at Tata Memorial Cancer Institute, Mumbai


    Interaction at a social and emotional level.

    Making Sense of the Abstract

    Understanding stored Elastic Potential Energy in a bow

    Making Science Relevant

    Understanding Kinetic Energy with Floss Dance Challenge

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    Postgraduate Diploma In Education and Learning ( PGDLT) 2018-19

    From 'I am a teacher'


    ‘I Am A Teacher’ (IAAT), a not for profit organisation, is committed to building a model of excellence for teacher education in India. Founded by the alumni of Harvard University and Founders of HXLS in collaboration with Boston Teacher Residency (BTR), USA; IAAT aims to build a critical mass of educators who are mindful, passionate and can lead change in and through classrooms

    Post Graduate Diploma in Integrated marketing Communications 1999-2001

    From National Institute of Advertising

    BSc- Microbiology, St. Xavier's College, Goa University- 1995-1997


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